New Smart Watch to Monitor Driver Fatigue and Sleepiness

2024-05-21 // LePodium.NET
A company in Novosibirsk is preparing to release smart watches that can monitor the driver's condition and prevent sleepiness behind the wheel.

A Novosibirsk-based company is getting ready to launch smart watches that can monitor the driver's condition and prevent them from falling asleep. The development is called SleepControl, and its creators claim it has several advantages over foreign and domestic counterparts.

The smart watches monitor driver fatigue by analyzing their pulse. They also have an alcohol sensor. The data collected by the device can be accessed by the management of the transportation company, allowing them to monitor their employees.

"Our device measures pulse and determines the driver's fatigue level based on heart rate data. This is done by a neural network that we trained in various modes," said Ivan Lebedev, the CEO of Elron, the company behind SleepControl. "We needed to obtain a wide range of data on the driver's condition, from fully alert to sleep-deprived for several days. We collected this data during various training sessions and tests. Drivers were equipped with sensors and wore our watches while driving from Novosibirsk to Berdsk, Iskitim, and other settlements. To obtain extreme levels of fatigue, we set up a laboratory where volunteers had to stay awake all night. Their condition was constantly monitored and recorded. Now our neural network can recognize different states of a person. If they need rest, the smart watches will alert them."

The key advantage of the Novosibirsk development over existing gadgets for monitoring driver condition is its simplicity. Engineers claim that watches are more convenient than cameras, special caps, and other devices, as they are worn by almost everyone. The developers also expect that their sleep monitoring smart watches will be more affordable compared to analogues on the market.

"The watches themselves cost around 15,000 rubles, and the complete set with the base station is about 30,000-45,000 rubles. We have optimized the device and made it slightly cheaper. We also plan to release a modification that will work through a smartphone instead of the base station because it will be more cost-effective for transportation companies that cannot afford the expenses of a base station. We are currently further training the neural network and plan to bring the product to market by the end of 2024," said Ivan Lebedev.

Regarding the localization of production and the ratio of Russian and foreign components in the smart watch, the company leaders stated that the entire assembly process takes place in Novosibirsk. The SleepControl device features Russian electronics, while the casing and processor are currently sourced from abroad. The project has received support from the regional Ministry of Science and Innovation Policy.

"In the Novosibirsk region, innovation companies are provided with subsidies for the preparation and implementation of technology transfers. The SleepControl project by Elron received support in the amount of 2.8 million rubles in 2021-2022," said Vadim Vasilyev, the Minister of Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk region. The company estimates that investment in this project amounts to 14 million rubles.

Previously, BFM-Novosibirsk reported on another Novosibirsk development, a VR neurotrainer that is planned to be used for correcting neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

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